HFS Top 10 Employee Experience Services 2020: HR Transformation and Strategy

Bengaluru, India – November 11, 2020 – The rise of employee experience (EX) is the catalyst driving competitive advantage and deeper engagement across personal, social, and organizational domains. With an imperative for people, HR leaders are driving EX within the HR function and in concert with leadership across the organization.

Infosys has been positioned #5 in the Top 10 Employee Experience Services 2020. HFS calls out Infosys’ strengths as follows:

  • Developed a clear localization strategy to drive nearshore and onshore delivery
  • Developed innovation labs and talent hubs
  • Expanding digital footprint with the acquisition of Wongdoody and Brilliant Basics
  • Highly regarded by references for being able to collaborate, test ideas, and push the thinking forward for key initiatives
  • Focused on turning services into IPs and has successfully moved into learning, talent, and experience services based on its credentials, experience, and ethos.

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For further information, please contact: PR_global@infosys.com.