Infosys is a Trusted Transformation Partner and Industry’s Safe Pair of Hands – HFS Research

HFS Research in its latest report, based on a recent Infosys analyst event, has called out the company’s response to the pandemic as incredibly responsive and aligned to quickly changing client needs. The report highlights Infosys being in a remarkable period of stability, winning iconic deals, and having a reputation for strong delivery. It also acknowledges Infosys as a trusted partner for digital transformation.

The HFS report chronicles how the company balanced employee safety, well-being with client commitments, and service excellence. HFS also acknowledges Infosys’ investments in digital operations, resilient service delivery, and an enhanced cloud, design, data offerings.

The report elucidates the following dimensions that have contributed to the success of Infosys:

  • An impressive pre-pandemic growth trajectory
  • Digital investments that tie up creative acquisitions with tech enablement capabilities
  • Resilient service delivery that has built massive client confidence
  • Introducing easy-to-consume offerings like Infosys cobalt that deliver value quickly
  • Digital acceleration as a ‘have-to-have’ initiative

You can read the full report here.

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