Infosys Collaborates with Digital Asset to Build Interconnected Business Networks for Finance, Healthcare, and Supply Chain Customers

Infosys has collaborated with Digital Asset, the creators of Daml, a multi-party application platform, to help enterprises bring innovative applications to market faster in order to reduce reconciliation costs, eliminate manual processing, and improve customer experiences. This association aims at offering holistic solutions to clients in financial services, healthcare, and supply chain sectors.

As part of this collaboration, Infosys and Digital Asset will create industry solutions to help accelerate implementation of blockchain initiatives. Leveraging Infosys’ vast expertise across enterprise systems management and application development, this collaboration aims to help businesses build next-generation, future-proof infrastructure that support existing development initiatives. With Daml-driven applications, enterprises can build multi-party applications while retaining the flexibility to change underlying ledger platforms, without rewriting a single line of code.

Infosys harnesses distributed ledger technologies and leverages its pre-built tools, accelerators, and platforms to address specific needs and solve cross-enterprise problems for clients. This association will further enhance Infosys’ and Digital Asset’s ability to help clients leapfrog and become next generation digital enterprises. As part of the collaboration, Infosys’ Blockchain Academy will also provide training and certification program to its employees and clients that will help meet the increasing market demand for Daml technical staff.