Infosys’ Project Scavenger among the top five winners in the 2021 Call for Code Global Challenge

Infosys’ Project Scavenger is among the top five winners in the 2021 Call for Code Global Challenge, an initiative to combat climate change with open-source-powered technology. Infosys’ entry called ‘Project Scavenger’ was ranked third.

Call for Code is a global program, launched in 2018 by David Clark Cause and IBM, with the support of the Linux Foundation and United Nations Human Rights. In its fourth year, the contest has generated more than 20,000 applications from 500,000 develThis year's participants were asked to address three themes connected to climate change: zero hunger, clean water and sanitation, along with responsible production and green consumption and through them help mitigate the impact of climate change.

Infosys’ ‘Project Scavenger’ has been designed to protect the environment by limiting e-waste generation. Built for this competition, the Project Scavenger is developed by a team led by Anoop Balachandran Nair, who served as the Architect for the solution. His team comprised two lead developers -- Meera Manilal and Ramasubramanian Venkiteswaran and two developers -- Ashik Dileep and Reshma Rajan Kanakakumari. Project Scavenger is an intuitive app powered by IBM Watson that aims to enable individuals to responsibly offload their devices and minimize the circulation of harmful e-waste. The application can be utilized by large manufacturing companies to track the electronic devices being manufactured and recycled and perform a predictive analysis of the amount of unrecycled outstanding e-waste. The mobile application additionally offers a smart bin integration feature for customers to deposit e-waste at designated unattended smart bins.

For more information, please visit: IBM and David Clark Cause Crown Saaf Water Winner of 4th Annual Call for Code Global Challenge