Infosys accelerates Gokongwei Group’s digital transformation journey

Infosys successfully accelerated the Gokongwei Group’s digital transformation strategy by migrating its data center architecture to a hybrid cloud, in collaboration with Microsoft Azure and ePLDT. As part of this effort, Infosys helped formulate and execute the future oriented transformation strategy of Gokongwei Group.

Infosys migrated the Group’s IT assets to a hybrid cloud and modernized the infrastructure through rationalization, consolidation and automation using tools, accelerators, and blueprints from Infosys Cobalt.

ePLDT, provided the co-location services at its Data Center, enabling the Gokongwei Group to host their critical IT infrastructure in a world-class data center facility. Microsoft Azure was chosen as the cloud platform to enable this transformation. Together with their technology partners, Infosys, ePLDT and Microsoft, the Gokongwei Group accomplished one of the largest cloud migrations of its kind, in the Philippines.