Infosys Redoubles Focus on Employees' Mental Health

Infosys to mark the occasion of World Mental Health Day in October, and in continuation of its journey to amplify employee well-being, rolled out a mental health-focused campaign for employees. The concerted communication is intended to enable employees of Infosys to prioritize mental health and self-care. Employees were encouraged to take a pledge to support mental health and actively propagate the message of holistic wellness within their teams. In addition to sessions for managers, parents, and couples, the mental health campaign featured a live webchat session with an accomplished counsellor for employees.

Additionally, Infosys launched a Mental Health Handbook for employees, which addresses a wide range of topics such as managing anxiety, depression, anger, and more. The handbook offers deep understanding of the actions that an employee can take to strengthen their emotional and mental well-being. Furthermore, Infosys’ internal recognition platform has now been amplified to include acknowledgements about mental health wellness such as ‘Your feelings are important’ using digital message-tokens. Thus far, over 2,800 such acknowledgements have been shared amongst employees.