Infosys ESG Report 2022-23 HIGHLIGHTS: Carbon-neutral organization for 4 consecutive years and empowering 8.5 million lives with digital skilling

Infosys has released its ESG Report 2022-23, encapsulating the progress made since articulating its ESG Vision 2030. The report provides information on the development around Infosys’ ESG commitments and delves into the measurable impact that the company has been making by building an ecosystem of opportunities for people, businesses, and communities to thrive and grow responsibly.

The report forms the basis of Infosys’ Communication on Progress (CoP) with the UN Global Compact (UNGC) each year and addresses the growing interests and expectations of the company’s global stakeholders across the dimensions of environmental, social and governance. It reflects some of the significant milestones achieved in the past year – including attaining carbon neutrality for the fourth consecutive year – on its journey to net zero; benefiting 240,000+ rural families from its carbon offset programs; impacting 8.5 million lives with digital skilling initiatives; drawing closer to its gender diversity goal with 39.4% women in the workforce in fiscal 2023, among many more.

To read the complete report, please click here: ESG is an opportunity: ESG Report 2022-23

Key highlights:

Infosys Appoints Helene Auriol Potier as an Independent Director

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