Infosys Positioned as a Market Leader in the HFS Horizons: Generative Enterprise™ Services, 2023 Report

Infosys has been recognized as a Market Leader in the first-ever HFS Horizons: Generative Enterprise™ Services, 2023 report. The report focuses on professional services firms and the value they create for enterprise clients by helping them adopt and experiment with generative AI (GenAI) technologies. Infosys was recognized for its ability to enable enterprises to adopt an AI-first approach leveraging Infosys Topaz, an AI-first set of services, solutions and platforms using generative AI technologies.

For this report, HFS Research evaluated and assessed the capabilities of 35 service providers based on their value proposition, execution and innovation capabilities, go-to-market strategies, and market impact. The report categorizes the service providers into three Horizons based on their capabilities. Infosys was recognized in the Horizon 3 category as the ‘Market Leader’ in helping enterprises become AI-first and generate new ideas to redefine how work gets done. Horizon 1 and Horizon 2 are the ‘Disruptors’ and ‘Enterprise Innovators’ categories, respectively.

The report highlighted Infosys’ ability to help enterprises transition from digital towards an AI-first approach infused with GenAI and its strength in winning big deals with its well-developed GenAI service catalog. It also recognized Infosys as an early adopter of GenAI with a track record stretching back to GPT-2 and its ability to help enterprises build the ecosystems that GenAI will thrive in. The report also mentions that Infosys has been highly praised by customers and partners alike for its combination of AI and domain expertise and its ability to build long-term customer relationships.

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