Infosys Recognized as a Microsoft Security Solutions Partner

Infosys has been recognized as a Microsoft Security Solutions Partner in the Microsoft AppSource, demonstrating its end-to-end enterprise security capabilities including cloud security to help customers safeguard their organization with integrated security, compliance, and identity solutions. This achievement differentiates Infosys as a partner offering technical proficiency with the ability to deliver successful outcomes aligned with the Microsoft Security portfolio.

These cybersecurity capabilities are a part of Infosys Cobalt- a set of services, solutions, and platforms that acts as a force multiplier for cloud-powered enterprise transformation. This recognition also highlights Infosys’ ability to deploy and manage critical workloads and its proficiency in cloud migration, modernization, and security directly through the Microsoft marketplace.

As a Microsoft Security Solutions Partner, Infosys excels across four key categories:

  • Information Protection & Governance: Infosys helps clients in establishing a comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program to address their current and future information security requirements. Infosys builds unified control frameworks, tracks legal and contractual requirements for assured business compliance, and implements scalable GRC automation platform for effective and faster communication of controls, key policies, enterprise risk management, regulatory, and compliance management.
  • Threat Protection: Infosys helps clients strengthen their ability to detect and manage security incidents with a robust and integrated architecture and automated process offering detection, response, orchestration, cyber threat intelligence, eradication, and recovery services.
  • Cloud Security: Infosys cloud security involves strategies, policies, controls, processes, and compliance adherence for the protection of IT infrastructure and sensitive data hosted over cloud environment.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM): Infosys offers IAM Advisory Service, Identity Governance and Administration Service, Access Management Service, Privileged Access Management Service, Consumer Authentication and Governance Service, Managed Services for Identity and Access Management, and Risk Analytics Service.

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