Infosys Recognized in the ATD Best of the BEST List for the 11th Consecutive Year

Infosys has been recognized in the Best of the BEST list by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) for its talent and skill development initiatives. The ATD honors are a benchmark in recognizing global organizations that demonstrate enterprise-wide success as a result of employee talent development.

Receiving this recognition for the eleventh consecutive year is a testament to Infosys' culture of upskilling and reskilling employees, and a steadfast commitment to fostering innovation. It also furthers Infosys' dedication towards building a resilient future-ready workforce. Infosys Wingspan, a versatile and continuous learning platform, is one of the significant enablers of Infosysā€™ strategic talent development efforts across the organization.

Powered by Infosys Topaz, Infosys Wingspan utilizes AI-powered features and heartbeat telemetry to bridge skill gaps and equip businesses to respond effectively to market disruptions while driving growth. It caters to learners by helping them plan their career trajectory and empowering them to grow. The platform identifies skills for diverse roles, assists in mapping career paths, and tracks performance. It is designed to help amplify human potential and is based on four fundamentals ā€“ convenience, relevance, engagement, and insight-based actions. It enables learners to connect, collaborate and learn from each other, thus augmenting traditional learning methods through its social learning capabilities.