Even though over 80% of health plan contracts are standard, sign off can take anywhere between 2-4 months. Today, payers like you need to be able to grant members access to a wider provider network. But that’s not possible if your contracting process isn’t optimized.

Infosys Helix Contracting is a module of the Provider Lifecycle Management platform. It is a human-centric, experience-based, AI-Augmented solution that digitizes contracting and negotiations.

With the contracting module, you can finally digitize provider contracts


The Infosys Helix Credentialing module reads and extracts the information, classifies provisions and reimbursement details and generates new contracts in real-time. It’s a templatized approach for standardized contracts. Here are some of the key features the solution offers:

  • Contract Authoring – Leverage deep learning and Artificial Intelligence to create or renew contracts with ease.
  • Digital Negotiations – Negotiate terms with your providers digitally. Let the AI algorithm accept, reject, or routes suggested changes for further review.
  • Utilization Tracker – Track the usage of multiple provider contracts through a single dashboard. Receive alerts that let you initiate contract renewal on time.

Challenges & Solutions

Make the contracting process truly seamless and completely digital from initiation to sign-off

Leverage the contracting AI algorithm to accept, reject or route changes from a single platform

Get a single view of contract status with dashboards to pinpoint where intervention is needed