After collecting the required information, the credentialing process can take anywhere between 120 –150 days. Credentialing is often time-consuming, effort-intensive and expensive. But, what if you could verify and rectify provider data in real-time?

Infosys Helix Credentialing is a module of the Provider Lifecycle Management platform. It is an independent solution built to automate and accelerate the credentialing process from end to end.

The Credentialing module lets you accelerate provider credentialing from months to days.


The Infosys Helix Credentialing module verifies and validates the provider details received against external sources in real-time. It also auto-checks and auto-corrects provider data on a continuous basis. Here are some of the key features the solution offers:

  • Automation – You can automate credentialing from documentation to verification.
  • Digital Attestation – Connect seamlessly with provider, collect provider data with ease and get documents attested digitally.
  • Data Management – The solution carries out data quality checks and simplifies provider data management. Access data that’s always up to date.

Challenges & Solutions

Automate the credentialing process end to end from submission to integration

Connect to self-reported professional data from more than 1.4 million healthcare providers

Configure workflows to manage credentialing, re-credentialing, committee reviews and approvals with ease