While healthcare data is growing at 36% annually, most of the data is siloed and unstructured. What if you could capitalize on this wealth of data to drive better outcomes for your members?

Infosys Helix Health is a module of the Payer on Cloud platform. It is a solution that builds a single health data repository, accessible by multiple stakeholders.

With the Health module, you can create customized care pathways for everyone.


Infosys Helix Health Module is a solution that combines the historical information and real-time data with genomic data to give you a comprehensive view of a member’s health. This dashboard can also be accessed by vendors, providers, pharmacies, state governments, etc. Here are some of the key features the product offers:

  • Single Data Repository – You can now create a single-source of truth for your members’ health data.
  • Customized Care Pathways – Orchestrate better care with a digital twin. Augment provider decisions with AI-based recommendations.
  • Rapid Resolutions – From ailment to claims management. Resolve issues across your members’ care lifecycle, faster.

Challenges & Solutions

Orchestrate data exchanges between providers, vendors and other stakeholders to deliver richer insights

Unify views with a data hub that comprises consent and identity management with third-party app authentication

Leverage the spectrum of data from genomics to wearables and get insights via digital twins and conversational AI