More than 40 percent of providers are enrolled in 10 - 19 commercial health insurance networks or plans. And a longer onboarding process is detrimental to the experience you deliver. What if you could onboard providers in just 2 short weeks?

Infosys Helix Onboarding is a module of the Provider Lifecycle Management platform. It is an independent, intelligent solution that digitizes provider onboarding from document submission to network admission.

With the onboarding module, you onboard providers in just 2 short weeks.


The Infosys Helix Provider Onboarding module digitizes provider application process with intuitive onboarding that lets you recruit providers that are not just qualified but verified. The product simplifies the process for you and enriches the experience for your providers. Here are some of the key features the platform offers:

  • Network Adequacy – The solution monitors adequacy and alerts you when new providers need to be recruited.
  • Transparency – Grant your providers visibility of the onboarding process. Let them track the progress of their application.
  • Smart Recruitment – Onboard high-quality providers and grow your network with ease. Make care more accessible for your members.

Challenges & Solutions

Easily integrate Infosys Helix with your firm's existing infrastructure and digitize provider onboarding end to end

Simplify data management by cross-checking the provider data against the primary source in real-time

Set provider threshold levels and get system alerts as and when new providers need to be recruited