Today, income from employer sponsored plans make up 40-45% of a payer’s revenue. But the health plan options available to them rarely exceed 3 types. And it’s time for change. Change that’s powered by the Infosys Helix Payer B2B platform.

The Payer B2B platform is composed of several modules that can help you deliver a comprehensive experience for employer groups.

The Payer B2B platform lets you create an Amazon-Like experience for employers.


  • Self-Service Capabilities - Employers can personalize plans, distinct to their employee demographic, in a few clicks.
  • Collaborative Marketplace - You can offer disruptive health plans, engage employers seamlessly and enrich every experience.
  • Utilization Tracker - Access real-time insights and recommendations into plan usage. Manage multiple business accounts through a single dashboard.

    Challenges & Solutions

    Rein in your medical spends with tighter control over cost of care through transparent, self-driven health care management capabilities of Payer B2B.

    As your clients’ workforce evolves, so should the benefits your health plan offers. Shift from traditional to digital care and personalize experience for your employees.

    Tailor your health plan to fit the needs of your clients’ employees. Simplify the care experience and democratize access to a wider provider network.