The US Healthcare industry is transitioning from a traditional model to a digital core. What if there was a way to modernize your IT infrastructure without disrupting your day-to-day? With the Infosys Helix Payer on Cloud platform, you can take the modular approach for a complete transformation.

The Payer on Cloud platform powers real-time, cloud-native, workflow-based, AI-embedded, configurable processes. It is offered as modular, independent, inter-operable functional blocks that you can assemble like Lego bricks.

The Payer on Cloud platform lets payers take the Lego approach to transformation.


When lives hang in the balance, an outage is something we can’t afford. Infosys Helix Payer on Cloud is a core administration platform that lets you accelerate your transformation without disruptions. Here are some of the key features the platform offers:

  • Process Automation – You can automate manual, time-consuming processes and focus on what truly matters – people.
  • Digitization – Transform your organization, one function at a time. Take the Lego approach to transformation.
  • Superior Experience – Resolve issues faster and shape better care experiences for your members and providers.

Challenges & Solutions

You can now lower your operational costs by 30% and bring your fines and penalties down to zero.

Improve your operational efficiency with quicker resolutions and zero missed SLAs

Enrich your member experience, improve your NPS score, and keep them coming back for more.