Infosys Provider Lifecycle Management is an engagement platform for providers to improve satisfaction, operations platform for Payer business to efficiently manage providers and digital provider platform to effectively manage provider data.

Infosys Provider Lifecycle Management Platform is comprehensive end-to-end provider network management software delivering provider recruitment, online application, credentialing, contracting, provider data management and provider finder services.

Transform provider relationship from being a partner to an advocate


Provider Lifecycle Management Platform is a cloud-based AI-powered healthcare platform which will enhance provider experience through collaborative and innovative approach from easy onboarding to digital assistance in improving care management that will enable faster decision making and streamline the entire process.

Provider Lifecycle Management provides options to Providers towards improving the experiences and that’s largely due to use of digital and AI components managing provider lifecycle. The seamless journey is resulting in shorter duration to onboard, finding right providers in the directory, prior authorization taking shorter time to decision, finding the right specialist to referral and claim payments.


Challenges & Solutions

On-board providers in four weeks through digital contracting, automated credentialing

Optimize and automate Provider data management through embedded AI & ML.

Improve Provider experience by helping providers become successful through Dr AI and various decision support tools