On an average, a doctor spends 8.7 hours per week on administrative tasks. What if there was a way you could ease their burden and enrich the care experience for your members? With the Infosys Helix Provider Lifecycle Management platform, you can.

The Provider Lifecycle Management platform is a comprehensive solution that delivers provider recruitment, online application, credentialing, contracting, provider data management and provider finder services.

The Provider Lifecycle Management platform helps payer deliver an Uber-ized experience for providers and better care for members.


Infosys Helix provider lifecycle management platform is here to simplify the tedious bureaucratic documentation physicians must go through. This comprehensive end to end provider network management software provides:

  • Provider recruitment
  • Credentialing
  • Online application
  • Contracting
  • Provider Data Management
  • Provider Finder Services

We help ease this administrative burden and help payers build trust with providers by delivering transparency. With digital contracting and automated credentialing, provider onboarding can be completed in just 2 short weeks. The solution also simplifies data management and decision-making for providers in the network.


Challenges & Solutions

You can now onboard providers in four weeks through digital contracting, automated credentialing.

Optimize and automate your provider data management using embedded AI & ML. Convert data from volume to value.

Improve their experience with simplified processes. Offer decision support tools and help them deliver customized care pathways.