In 2020, 89% of workers were employed by firms that offers health benefits to at least some of its workers. But even today, the plan options available to employers are limited. Even as healthcare costs rise, employers continue to lack insight into their spends. What if you could offer an employer experience that’s flexible and customizable?

The Infosys Helix Plan Sponsor Engagement Module is a single solution that offers limitless possibilities for the customization of employer-sponsored plans.

The Plan Sponsor Engagement module lets you hyper personalize employer-sponsored care.


Plan Sponsor Engagement is a module of the Payer B2B platform and a solution that simplifies the creation, implementation and management of employer-sponsored plans. It’s a solution that can help you connect, converse and convert clients with ease. Here are some of the key features the product offers:

  • Hyper Personalization – Tailor one-size-fits-one heath plans for your business clients. Offer self-service capabilities that cut across employee enrolment, utilization tracking and cost management.
  • Transparency – Give your clients visibility into core administrative transactions and processes.
  • Real-Time Recommendations – Grant them access to real-time insights and recommendations on curbing their healthcare spends.

Challenges & Solutions

Get customization abilities to create one-size-fits-one plans for diverse employer groups

Manage multiple plans from a single dashboard even as you enroll, manage and measure effectiveness

Deliver greater value with utilization trends, enrollment insights, and real-time recommendations