Fireside Chat: Infosys Meridian Creates a Virtual Life-Like Event Experience for PACCAR Parts

The RPM Expo Event is an annual training meet, conducted by PACCAR Parts to foster collaboration with key stakeholders. This event provides opportunities for dealers, sales personnel, and parts managers. However, the pandemic eliminated the possibility of physical events and the company needed to find a new way to conduct the event. In that scenario, PACCAR Parts partnered with Infosys Meridian, a Live Enterprise Workplace Platform, which is a part of Infosys Cobalt, to create a life-like event experience, virtually.

The Infosys Meridian team conducted the virtual event successfully and received extremely positive feedback from the attendees, who termed the event experience as “slick”, “professional”, and “efficient”. As for the overall experience, it exceeded everybody’s expectations. Infosys Meridian offered PACCAR Parts the flexibility needed to shape an unforgettable event experience for their dealers and suppliers.

Watch Amy Doran from PACCAR Parts share her experience of using Infosys Meridian with Vinay Joshi from Infosys.