Thrive in the Fluid Workplace of the Future

As companies transition to a hybrid work model and adapt to the new normal, they must keep in-sight key business imperatives such as modernizing work processes, boosting employee morale and productivity, and adapting to hybrid engagements.

Infosys Meridian, a live enterprise workplace platform, part of Infosys Cobalt, enables enterprises to evolve offices into remote-first, hyper-productive anywhere workplaces that help reimagine work processes, enhance workforce productivity, and deepen stakeholder engagement.

It helps simulate live experiences that can be accessed virtually and seamlessly from remote locations, through a rich set of microservices and micro front-end based integrations. Infosys Meridian brings together disparate workflows in a sentient and contextual manner allowing for faster and better closures without the need to hop between ecosystems and tooling. The platform helps companies conduct employee town halls, sales meetings, and AGMs across geographical boundaries in hybrid mode; apart from that it also offers industry-specific solutions such as setting up virtual contact centers, virtual showrooms, hybrid boardrooms, and more.