Reimagine a New Workspace for a New Workforce

A new kind of workplace is here. It’s fluid; it’s hybrid; it’s anywhere. It’s a living, breathing, intelligent and collaborative network. It’s the live workplace. And, it’s the next normal.

With teams spread across geographies and time zones, the only way to enable effective communication and collaboration is through an e-workspace. But one that leverages technology integrations through sentience to emulate all the elements of a real, physical work environment, and augments it with smart edits that add more efficiencies to the workflow.

This kind of an e-workspace is built on three big pillars, each of which must eb migrated from the ground up to support the workforce of today.

Read this PoV, authored by authored by Thirumala Arohi Mamunooru – SVP and Head, Education, Training and Assessments, Infosys; and Prajith Nair – Lead Principal and Head of Innovation, Education, Training and Assessments, Infosys, to know more.