Reinvent a New Workspace for a New Workforce

A live workplace brings with it new process paradigms. One where processes aren’t just digitized, but are also connected and collaborative, experiential and immersive. From events to design, from education to healthcare, a live workplace platform reimagines it all.

As a sentient, experiential, cloud-first unified platform, Infosys Meridian – the live enterprise workplace platform from Infosys – can quickly carve out transformation pathways to help companies in any industry, in the digital era. It’s the flexible, modular, scalable open source nature of Infosys Meridian that really makes it a great fit in any industry.

Read this PoV, authored by authored by Thirumala Arohi Mamunooru – SVP and Head, Education, Training and Assessments, Infosys; and Prajith Nair – Lead Principal and Head of Innovation, Education, Training and Assessments, Infosys, to know more.