Organize virtual events, meetups, and webinars that are high on the user engagement experience quotient by leveraging the live engagement features of Infosys Meridian, the Live Enterprise Workplace Platform from Infosys.

Deliver immersive and intuitive experiences to engage with your employees, customers, and stakeholders. Be it a town hall with employees, the annual general meeting, a virtual event for clients, or a showcase of solutions and services, we can help you simulate live experiences that can be accessed by your employees and clients from remote locations, seamlessly.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Meridian makes engaging with employees and customers very easy through various means such as events, meetups, town hall meetings, etc. It supports intelligent engagement and integrates seamlessly with your organization’s existing platforms and tools.

Infosys Meridian integrates disparate tools into one simplified platform to ensure a smooth workflow. Its platform-and-tool-agnostic feature provides a seamless engagement experience for users, eliminating the need to invest in additional tools or platforms.