Enhance workforce productivity by leveraging the features offered by Infosys Meridian that bring AI-driven insights on work activities, providing self-help productivity tools and system-driven learning recommendations.

Infosys Meridian Live Enterprise Workplace Platform offers a digital-native platform that helps improve the productivity of your workforce and reduce the issue resolution time. This is enabled through effective knowledge support, practice playgrounds and virtual assistance. Infosys Meridian makes it possible through digital assessments, digital on-boarding and digital transition for effective handover in cases of attrition and career progression. All these at a pace that maps to the time and demands of the existing work environment.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Meridian helps enhance productivity by providing fail-safe lab environments or technology playgrounds to practice and perfect job skills.

In the times of hybrid working environments, Infosys Meridian provides a unified learning collaboration experience to your workforce. While working on a crucial project, your workforce can work together seamlessly by leveraging the features of Infosys Meridian.