Talent Transformation for the New Normal

As digitalization programs accelerate in the post-COVID business landscape, resiliency and talent management are vital for enterprises to succeed in a market governed by digital native customers, next-gen competitors, and new technologies. Amplifying the human capital through a pioneering approach to talent engagement is now a boardroom agenda. Without this, enterprises run the risk of:

  • Lack of right talent to drive business growth
  • Failure to respond to market disruptions due to poor talent re-skilling

The need of the hour to realign talent programs to the vision, transformation agendas, and social goals of the organization.

Amplify Human Capital with Infosys Wingspan

Infosys Wingspan is a versatile and holistic digital learning platform that facilitates continuous learning, re-skilling, and up-skilling for employees using gamification, analytics, telemetry, virtual training programs, and more. It helps enterprises rapidly bridge skill gaps through impactful learning that translates to business outcomes.

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