Tackle Bias in AI with Human & Technology

Organizations are applying AI to digitize processes, make them more efficient, focus on innovation, and scale benefits for business. As organizations across the globe realize the value of artificial intelligence, there is also a growing need to future-proof against any risks.

One challenge that can not be ignored comes in the form of bias of AI. A loan or mortgage being refused because someone belongs to a certain community or not being considered for a job because of their gender are real-life instances arising from the biases in AI, that can have an impact on how the society operates. But this can be addressed even before bias set into the algorithms, and technology.

Genevieve Smith, Associate Director - Center for Equity, Gender & Leadership - University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business, in conversation with Jeff Kavanaugh, VP – Global Head of Infosys Knowledge Institute, discusses how organizations can tackle biases, should they creep up.

Also hear Sudhanshu Hate, Senior Principal Technology Architect, ‎Infosys, as he emphasizes on how technology can reduce help keep bias at bay, by keeping data at the center.