Infosys Applied AI

Integrated AI offering for enterprises to discover, scale and future-proof AI-powered transformation for businesses

Infosys Applied AI, part of Infosys Topaz, is an integrated offering converging the power of AI, analytics and cloud to deliver perceptive experiences and differentiated offerings for businesses. It brings about never-before efficiencies, future-proofs and efficiently scales these investments, while managing the reputational and performance risks of AI.

Further, Infosys Applied AI cloud enables businesses to readily access AI hardware and software, across private and public clouds, as highly contextualized platform services. They can also process AI algorithms locally on any device using Infosys edge AI.

Discover innovative applications for ready-to-deploy AI solutions across the value chain
Companies, working with Infosys Applied AI, have ready access to a growing portfolio of indigenous AI solutions to solve business problems. For example, an American bank used one of these solutions to create an NLP-based expense claims management mobile app.

Infosys Applied AI helps enterprises uncover actionable insights from their own data estates, open source data and curated data exchanges on the cloud to build new AI models and use cases for the organization. With Infosys Applied AI, businesses can harness the full potential of the Infosys AI partner ecosystem, and create fit-for-purpose solutions in the AI Living Labs, orchestrating offerings from startups and over 30 leading providers of intelligent automation, AI solutions, data solutions and enterprise security.

Future-proof and efficiently scale AI enterprise-wide
Businesses can build their AI cloud, access open source AI software as a service on their hybrid cloud infrastructure, and harness edge AI capabilities with Infosys Applied AI. This can work in tandem with any hyperscale cloud provider's services providing more choices and future-proofing investments. For example, with Infosys Applied AI, a leading communication services provider created a machine learning workbench for data engineers to collaborate, deliver, and industrialize a catalog of real-time enterprise-wide business solutions.

Infosys Applied AI can also help businesses take advantage of a range of cognitive automation services and platforms to meet their needs.

Derisk enterprise AI to manage reputational and performance risks
Businesses can rely on Infosys Applied AI, and Infosys’ rich ecosystem of consortiums and regulatory bodies driving AI directives, for implementations that are compliant with regulatory and security norms. Analytics model interpretability, bias detection, and continuous performance monitoring are built into various stages of the lifecycle, from development to deployment and use. For example, using Infosys Applied AI, a machinery manufacturer analyzed warranty claims patterns to eliminate bias, from the data set and process, before reengineering and automating the claims approval process.

Helping enterprises lead the generative revolution across digital, human and ethical dimensions
Generative AI will reinvent business, technology and people. But to lead in this new era, one must mould generative AI to reimagine the digital enterprise, redefine our human capability, and reinforce AI ethics, all while driving rapid technology innovation. Infosys Generative AI Labs, part of Infosys Topaz, makes this possible by bringing together ready-to-use industry solutions, a large partner ecosystem, and responsible design frameworks. Empowering everyone within and beyond the enterprise to make change happen as they imagine it.

In addition, Infosys digital learning platform for reskilling and Infosys platforms for employees to evolve into makers of AI help businesses manage the talent risks that AI poses to the traditional workplace.

Explore Infosys Applied AI offerings that help you achieve all of this.

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