Efficiently scale and democratize AI with Infosys applied AI cloud

The Infosys applied AI cloud strategically brings together and enables clients access to AI hardware, open source AI software as a service on their hybrid cloud infrastructure, and harness edge AI capabilities. The applied AI cloud:

  • Can work in tandem with any hyperscale cloud provider's services
  • Provides more choices and future-proofs investments
  • Scales AI from point solutions alone, to enterprise-wide
  • Democratizes and makes AI available to all, fostering innovation through experimentation
  • Accelerates AI adoption by providing AI engineering, technology and industry specific services

The applied AI cloud helps achieve all this through:

  • A shared infrastructure for machine learning and deep learning operations, and being able to support a large number of projects on cloud infrastructure at any point in time with
    • Private AI infrastructure supporting all the deep learning and machine learning needs
    • Public AI cloud used for specialty workloads, generate training data, and using highly mature services
  • An AI store as part of the applied AI cloud with pre-curated and ever-increasing assets including datasets required for training the AI models, catalog of the latest models, codes for AI services and cognitive services for rapid experimentation and innovation
  • A platform for AI engineering lifecycle to scale AI projects from pilot or experimentation to enterprise scale deployments
  • AI Living Labs showcasing the best of Infosys AI solutions, platforms and partner solutions; and a place to drive co-creation and innovation

Infosys has built its own applied AI Cloud, Part of Infosys Cobalt, to democratize AI within its workforce; And expand the ability to drive AI-powered transformation for enterprises.