As robotic process automation (RPA) gains greater prominence in enabling companies to achieve digital transformation, organizations are racing to implement tools, develop use-cases and conduct pilot projects. With a fair number of RPA tools available in the marketplace, there is a rush to hasten digital journeys and realize value quickly.

A product-agnostic, managed service model can accelerate the implementation of RPA and AI-based automation to help enterprises scale. Developed by the Infosys AI and Automation service, the model identifies existing business problems and IT landscape challenges, leveraging Infosys core technology expertise to plan ahead.

Accelerate and scale the implementation of RPA and AI-based automation across the enterprise with product-agnostic, managed service model.

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The power of RPA can be unlocked only when its implementation is properly planned to suit the goals of the enterprise rather than solve daily challenges. Achieve intelligent automation by:

  • Selecting the right use-cases
  • Choosing the right tools
  • Planning ahead for seamless
  • Quick wins by choose the right pilots

Challenges & solutions

Without the right understanding of its benefits, RPA can only offer limited value. Infosys ensures that implementation is being driven by expertise and experience

Infosys ensures organization-wide training and evangelization of the power of RPA to encourage quick and seamless adoption

Infosys RPA implementation is based on a strategic vision that considers high-level cognitive RPA fueled by niche skills in areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence, chatbots, etc.

Infosys’ deep domain expertise does away with a high dependence on external vendors leading to planned investments on the right tools and resources