Unlocking Cloud Business Transformation Opportunities

In the wake of the Covid pandemic, it has become axiomatic to observe that years’ worth of digital transformation has been squeezed into a much shorter timeframe due to the need to rapidly adjust to an increasingly elusive “new normal.” As a result, speed and flexibility now take center stage over the traditional thinking around cost control in the minds of technology and business decision makers, if barely. The implications for enterprises are significant. Enterprise customers must accelerate their digital transformation to become truly “future fit,” and ready to compete in the new post-pandemic economy. Increasingly, this means leveraging the power of Cloud.

Read more in this Infosys introduction to the Forrester report, Cloud Powers The New Connected Economy.

Key Takeaways from the Forrester report

The Cloud Economy Disrupts Business Models — Adapt Or Be Left Behind
Adapting to market changes is hugely important to your enterprise's survival — especially now. Businesses functioning at cloud speed and fluidity have and will dominate their markets. These new powerhouse tech companies will take aim at competitors with focused cloud, crushing traditional businesses.

Use Cloud To Accelerate Innovation And Become An Adaptive Enterprise
Cloud is now shorthand for "modern" and encompasses cloud apps, cloud development services, and cloud infrastructure services. Combine the best of these to create your own connected cloud economy — and accelerate adaptive innovation.

You Will Orchestrate The Cloud, And The Cloud Will Orchestrate You
In a cloud economy, you consume cloud, and others consume your cloud services in the broader ecosystem. Effective service creation, marketing, and product management is key to your success. You must automate, integrate, and orchestrate all the moving parts of your cloud to keep up with the pace of innovation the cloud economy demands.

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