Infosys named Leader in Cloud Infrastructure Management by NelsonHall

NelsonHall’s NEAT Evaluation

Infosys has been rated as a leader the NelsonHall’s NEAT Evaluation for End-to-End Cloud Infrastructure Management Services across the following market segments:

  • Overall Cloud Infrastructure Management Services
  • Cloud Management Services
  • Cloud Orchestration Services
  • Microsoft Azure Capabilities
  • AWS Capabilities

This NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) analyzes the performance of vendors offering end-to-end cloud infrastructure management services on both their ‘ability to deliver immediate benefit’ and their ‘ability to meet client future requirements’.

End-to-End Cloud Infrastructure Management Services

The report discusses Infosys Cobalt’s ability to rapidly develop new business capabilities to address emerging business needs, establish domain-specific technology platforms and reduce multi-cloud complexity through a secure cloud platform . In addition, the report highlights Infosys’s cloud continuum model that helps define the required capabilities and help clients in mapping their cloud journey.

The report highlights the following strengths:

  • Significant IP (Polycloud Platform, Infosys Workload Migration Suite, Cloud Automation Café, Infosys Modernization Suite, Cloud Native Development Platform, and iAutomate Platform); and strategic investment in the cloud as a key focus area
  • Infosys Cobalt Cloud Community, cloud assets, industry cloud-first solution blueprints, partnerships with academic institutions to seed skilled workforce
  • Automation factory approach for large deal transformation, enabling rapid innovation and development of use cases utilizing templates and patterns and in partnership with hyperscaler
  • Comprehensive partner ecosystem in support of cloud services; and expanding innovation network in support of start-ups to drive next-gen capabilities
  • Significant investment in the training of personnel, including Wingspan.

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