Infosys Cobalt Focuses on Transformation, Security & Sustainability

NelsonHall analyst Eric Levine, who recently attended the Infosys Cobalt World Tour event held in New York, shares his views on how Infosys Cobalt focuses on helping enterprises achieve business outcomes rather than just moving current solutions to the cloud. The post refers to Infosys’s three-layered approach to the cloud to develop new business capabilities to meet emerging business needs and faster time to market.

  • Cloud resources or Resource Layer – The focus here is on accelerating migration, taking native services from hyperscalers, and building on top of the cloud platform.
  • Technology platforms or Platform layer – This approach aims to move up the value chain by transforming clients’ data lakes to the cloud, refactoring apps to be cloud-native, and using PaaS.
  • Business services or Consumption Layer– Infosys sees a new paradigm in the consumption layer by utilizing data analytics to derive business outcomes within the organization, including industry-specific solutions.

Security and Sustainability are key pillars for Infosys Cobalt, helping enterprises build cyber-resilient and compliant cloud ecosystems, while unlocking long-term sustainability across the enterprise. Infosys looks to enable and accelerate sustainability solutions and drive impact through a business-to-business model and unlock long-term sustainability thinking across global enterprises.

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