A Large Automotive Company in the US wanted to provide a singular web entry point for all customer digital interactions by bringing customers, dealers and the brand together on one portal.

A robust technology platform was required to unify all digital channels to enable faster rollout of digital features in regional flavors and deliver on evolving customer expectations.

Key Challenges

Customer experience was inconsistent due to multiple disparate platforms.

Launching new services was taking time as environment provisioning was unstandardized, manual and not agile to support the business requirements.

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The Solution

Infosys implemented and supported a standardized platform that enabled faster development and rollout of new services.

The solution encompassed the following;

  • Infrastructure and Platform support leveraged Terraform and Ansible to automate infrastructure provisioning and manage orchestration.
  • DevOps was implemented for continuous development and delivery of applications using Github, Jenkins, Artifactory etc. as part of the toolchain.
  • Maintained CI/CD pipelines for PCF deployment.
  • Content Management Platform administration, enhancements and configuration management.
  • Developed Splunk dashboards with centralized log repository for reporting.

An Agile approach was embraced at all layers of platform engineering and management

  • Development of self-service catalogue for platform and infrastructure services, with Infrastructure as a code using Terraform and Ansible.
  • Ease of provisioning of resources through self-service portal or in the CI/CD pipeline by developers as per application needs.
  • Highly automated operations in key areas like backup, storage cleanup, lower environment lifecycle management, thereby improving service resiliency and availability while reducing cost.


Standardized the platform on cloud leading to accelerated adoption of digital channels

Standardized the platform on cloud leading to accelerated adoption of digital channels.

Reduced the time and cost to market features

Reduced the time and cost to market features.

Provided exciting digital customer experience

Provided exciting digital customer experience.