Infosys helped implement a platform to enable a newly created service line to provide enhanced services offered to airlines by providing maintenance data and manuals of aircrafts.

Key Challenges

The multinational aircraft manufacturer wanted to create a new line of business by monetizing aviation data.

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Improved data accessibility

Infosys helped the company open a new revenue stream by sharing aircraft maintenance data, manuals and event data with airlines. Our multi-factor implementation roadmap reduced IT operational costs and enabled the aircraft manufacturer to launch the new line of business within the year.

The Infosys Cloud Computing practice implemented a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)-based authentication system to safeguard data. Our cloud-based data platform curates, consolidates and harmonizes data from 300+ aviation applications. Moreover, it eliminates silos and reduces data redundancy.

The Infosys platform ingests diverse types of data to support analytics-as-a-service. Our self-service clusters cleanse and make sense of data for end users. High quality data analytics help airlines plan aircraft maintenance in advance, thereby maximizing flying time.

The Infosys data science workstation ensures high availability of data resources, and direct consumption of analytical services by business users.

Our data platform improved data accessibility by 35%, which maximized revenue for the aircraft manufacturer.