A high-end fashion retailer needed an engaging and responsive e-commerce site to increase online sales. Infosys engineered an e-commerce site leveraging the best of cloud and emerging technologies.

Key Challenges

The retail enterprise needed a responsive e-Commerce application to increase online sales

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Reliable e-Commerce platform

Infosys developed a native cloud solution by combining Microservices architecture, AWS Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and AWS Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) with third-party solutions and open source technologies such as Apache Solr.

Agile development methodology, DevOps automation, and a decoupled Microservices-based architecture reduced time-to-market to four weeks. Our multi-region deployment strategy ensured a smooth rollout across regions.

Auto-scaling ability of the cloud environment manages peak loads / seasonal spikes in online traffic. We deployed high availability clustering and protocols for website resilience. We used APIs to unify backend platforms, including product, order and inventory management. In addition, we incorporated platform health monitoring and telemetry transport protocols.

  • Reliable e-Commerce platform
  • Cost rationalization
  • 10x improvement in website performance, including functionalities such as product search
  • Consistent omni-channel experience – in-store, web and mobile