Infosys helps CPG enterprise increase productivity by moving to the cloud

A leading CPG organization in USA leveraging multiple applications was looking for an alternate hosting platform to increase time-to-market and improve agility.

Key Challenges

The enterprise with a portfolio of 400+ applications in the cloud sought an alternative hosting platform to address challenges


Cumbersome infrastructure provisioning process


Long service cycles leading to sub-par customer service


Prohibitive hosting charges of the incumbent hosting service provider

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Accelerated time-to-market

Infosys helped the CPG enterprise transition operations to an advanced cloud infrastructure. Our team of cloud professionals executed migration of the entire application portfolio in a phased manner to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity. The new cloud infrastructure enabled rapid provisioning / on-boarding of business applications.

The virtual platform increased business agility and accelerated time-to-market. Significantly, the cloud hosting solution helped the CPG enterprise reduce operational costs by more than 30%.