Infosys: A Leader in Nextgen Data Center Services and Solutions by ISG

Infosys has been recognized as a leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant Report 2020 for Next-Gen Private/Hybrid Cloud - Data Center Services & Solutions.

According to the study, Infosys has a strong focus on infrastructure automation and provides end-to-end hybrid cloud solutions for enterprises, allowing it to move ahead in this segment. It is continuing to grow its AI-based cloud management platform and hybrid cloud management capabilities.

The report acknowledged Infosys’ strengths in Next-Gen Private/Hybrid Cloud - Data Center Services & Solutions on the following parameters:

  • Automation focused delivery: Infosys is focused on improving its automation capability to deliver high quality outputs. It is engaged in fully automating the bare metal builds and golden image builds, including fully automated testing and certification against different generations of hardware. The firm leverages its Polycloud platform that abstracts clouds for end users by using a decision engine that determines the ideal cloud platform and service for clients. It also provides a virtual agent service which uses natural language processing (NLP) with unsupervised learning, leveraging classification models for predicting the impact and priority and offers fully automated resolutions.
  • Strong hybrid cloud solutions: Infosys offers enterprise grade on-premise, private and hybrid cloud solutions, with an end-to-end design and deployment solution to address the various facets of the IT and business requirements of its clients. The solution leverages cloud-native tools and services, extreme automation, and AI and ML technologies to address the specialized requirements in a hybrid cloud engagement. Clients have appreciated the firm for its end-to-end approach in providing solutions for a mainframe requirement.
  • Robust cloud management platform: Infosys has built an in-house AI based hybrid infrastructure management platform called Infosys Infrastructure Management Suite (IIMS). The platform has several automation toolkits to automate common operational tasks, along with an analytics engine that is an AI-powered analytics workbench for providing real-time root cause analytics, pattern detection, anomalies, suggestive corrective measures and more. It also has a self-healing functionality.

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