The client is a leading satellite telecommunications company, offering global services to its customers. They provide telephone and data services to users worldwide via portable or mobile terminals, which communicate with ground stations through geostationary telecommunications satellites. The Client serves customers across a range of industries offering an unparallel portfolio of services and solutions.

Client was facing issues related to the order fulfillment process. To achieve the vision of centralized and effective end-to-end provisioning, client needed a Cloud based, automated and agile solution to spin-up and carry out their provisioning for their globally distributed customers and business units.

Key Challenges

  • Complex global business model made 24*7 support difficult for Retail, Wholesale, B2B etc.
  • Service Delivery Platform (SDP); Legacy System was going out of support (end-of -life) and was not in line with the demanding needs of the growing business.
  • Business continuity was a big challenge as the current legacy stack did not have capability to scale up easily.
  • Huge delay in order completion time which was close to 2 business days. Overall time to market was around 2-3 months.

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The Solution

  • Transformed and migrated client’s current IT landscape for service delivery to cloud based (AWS), COTs products and open-source technologies for satellite telecom business.
  • Customized Tier-based support functions to accelerate and solve the support requirements.
  • Provided Infrastructure-as-a-Code capability, allowing for rapid creation of environments on AWS Cloud for various SDP Application Components.
  • Provided DevOps capabilities and ensured that the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment process is implemented for all SDP environments.
  • 24x7 monitoring and centralized logging capabilities for all SDP applications.
  • Provided BCP with stable environment following cloud practices of high availability.
  • Usage of Microservices (AWS Fargate) to integrate with the sub systems.
  • Implementation of KANBAN best practices to reduce turnaround times and enhance customer experience.

Cloud-based solution to transform SDP platform to enhance global customer experience

  • Transformed SDP platform helped optimize business processes, integrated with other PaaS & SaaS applications in the client’s ecosystem .
  • Solution helped in realizing straight through processing of the ‘order to cash’ business flow across all of product portfolios.
  • The implementation was delivered adopting extreme automation in engineering and agile delivery methodologies, resulting in better time-to-market.


  • Improved Order Fulfilment: 20% overall incident reduction over the year
  • Optimized Operations: 100% adherence to change management process – Near to zero human error
  • Cost Savings:
    • ~ 60K USD cost saving per month. Rightsizing of the services was done based on the allocations which have saved ~70% of the utilization spends for customer.
    • Weekly server ON/OFF for effective utilization of lower environments has saved ~20% of the total cost of utilization of these servers.
    • Continuous monitoring of licenses utilization and timely decommissioning of old technology helped in cost optimization