A learning enterprise providing strategic and administration services to Australian schools wanted a platform for users. Our school-administration-as-a-service platform enabled students, parents, and staff to interact with the school administration through the Internet and on mobile devices, in a secure manner.

Key Challenges

The enterprise sought a robust IT ecosystem to better serve ~ 500 primary and secondary schools imparting education to approximately 200,000 students.

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Our platform unified disparate data systems

Infosys transformed the IT landscape with a school-administration-as-a-service platform hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Our platform unified disparate data systems, enabling seamless flow of information across the ecosystem and facilitating interaction between stakeholders – students, parents, school staff, and the administrators.

We replaced manual, decentralized financial reporting and records management processes with automated workflows, which enhanced accuracy and accelerated turnaround times. Moreover, near 100% availability of enterprise systems and applications improved financial management.

Our AWS cloud-based platform solution addresses scalability requirements of educational institutions while rationalizing investment in infrastructure as well as maintenance effort. Our centralized identity management system ensures secure access to applications. The unified system simplifies administration services and empowers the enterprise to share information in near real-time, which improves operational efficiency at schools.

The Infosys cloud solution complies with standards for data security and regulations for information privacy. It allows users to manage student information and subscriptions to learning services via Internet channels and mobile devices. The self-service option to manage school systems enhances the learning experience.

Standardized templates and automation tools accelerate on-boarding of schools as well as users

Dashboards provide drill-down visibility into business processes and insights into infrastructure-level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Collaboration between students, parents, administration personnel, and school staff improves learning outcomes