US-based wireless network operator was looking to increase business agility and transform the user experience for mobile subscribers by developing the next generation e-Service platform.

Key Challenges

The on-premise data center of the telecom network prevented the enterprise from –

Providing capacity on-demand

Addressing spikes in network traffic

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The next-generation e-Service platform

Infosys implemented greenfield cloud infrastructure with multi-channel, multi-device and multi-tenant capabilities. In addition, we designed a sophisticated e-Service platform for the telecom service provider. Our solution addressed limitations of the data center while improving business agility. Our approach provided visibility into usage patterns of mobile subscribers.

The cloud solution manages spikes in network bandwidth usage, especially during periods of high sales in the retail industry. Significantly, the cloud infrastructure enables the wireless network to improve capabilities and performance while rationalizing costs of testing.

The next-generation e-Service platform –

  • enhanced user experience across devices
  • increased subscriptions by 30%
  • improved the customer satisfaction score by 25%