Modernize Mainframes with Infosys' AWS Migration Framework

Kmart Australia, like many retailers, needed to engage seamlessly with their consumers across all channels. This was challenging in the face of increasing cost pressures and rigid infrastructure. Their mainframe system was initially set up back in the 1990s and was the heart and soul of Kmart’s business with key processes and functions such as product registration, ordering, replenishment, and supply chain systems hosted on it.

Kmart embarked on its journey of Mainframe Modernization with three goals in mind. First, to create a technology backbone built for greater agility and speed, second, to reduce operating costs, and finally, to unlock and monetize data currently trapped in legacy systems. The mainframe was not scalable to meet future needs, and changes to the system were costly and time-consuming.

Kmart Australia chose Infosys as their partner for the mainframe modernization journey. Learn how Infosys’ Accelerate-Renew-Transform (A.R.T.) framework for mainframe modernization, Infosys Modernization Suite (now known as Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform), part of Infosys Cobalt, and our strategic partnership with AWS and Micro Focus helped Kmart Australia in seamlessly migrating its mainframe applications to the cloud.

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