Infosys Modernization Suite, part of Infosys Cobalt, accelerates the modernization journey of an enterprise through hyper automation across the lifecycle. It simplifies the journey by enabling easier decision-making, drawing on our extensive experience across modernization programs for over 600 clients.

Infosys Modernization Suite comprises five integrated platforms that support multiple application modernization patterns through highly automated workflows.

Infosys - Modernization Suite

Infosys Cloud Native Development Platform One-stop solution that addresses the technology, commercial, and support requirements of cloud native programs. It provides a full stack platform that defines and provisions cloud-native architecture, automates microservices and UI development. This platform has built-in DevSecOps and dashboards.

Infosys Cloud Application Modernization Platform – Accelerates the cloud adoption journey of workloads by assessing applications for cloud readiness, providing appropriate modernization paths and assisting in modernization and migration of workloads to cloud by leveraging ready-to-use solutions for multiple patterns.

Infosys Migration Platform - Automates end-to-end migration from legacy technologies and frameworks to modern ones.

Infosys Database Migration Platform – Integrated suite of tools to enable assessment, testing and migration of proprietary databases to open source RDBMS and NoSQL databases. The platform supports on-premises and cloud-based databases.

Infosys Mainframe Modernization Platform – Integrated suite of tools that provide comprehensive analysis of mainframe inventory for modernization planning, optimization, business rule extraction, reference architecture, and automated migration to cloud.

Learn how Infosys Modernization Suite can accelerate your enterprise modernization journey


Infosys Modernization Suite has been recognized as the platform of choice in multiple client implementations, offering multiple benefits such as:

Simplicity – One-stop solution covering a wide range of application modernization patterns though highly automated workflows

Adaptability – Supports multiple technologies from a vast and extensive partner ecosystem including independent software vendors and cloud service providers

Agility – Reduces time to start the program by 1-2 months and time to market by up to 30%

Cost efficiency – Reduces modernization cost by 25-30%


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Modernization Suite helps discover and analyze legacy footprints, extract business rules and uncover dependencies. It aids easy understanding of the legacy code thus reducing the dependency on SMEs

Infosys Modernization Suite addresses a wide range of modernization patterns using a curated technology stack of open source products and cloud technologies. It abstracts the technology complexities thereby reducing the need for deep technology expertise across the complete stack

With a broad suite of platforms, Infosys Modernization Suite leverages automation to accelerate and reduce the time to market by up to 30% and modernization cost by 25-30%