Cloud Migration and Modernization

Modernizing legacy systems is crucial for enterprises to evolve digitally, and harnessing cloud technologies is the core of any modernization strategy. By effectively utilizing cloud solutions, businesses can achieve desired outcomes like increased agility, enhanced customer experience, faster time-to-market and more innovation.

Infosys helps enterprises in end-to-end navigation of their cloud journeys.

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How we can help

Helping enterprises take advantage of the cloud to realize business benefits.

How do I guarantee data assurance?

Enabling enterprises to assess their current state and suggest the best way forward.

Assess client’s technology landscape, formulate optimal cloud strategy, choose the right technology and commercial choices for their business needs, and define a cloud adoption roadmap aligned to their transformational objectives.

How do I guarantee data assurance?

Helping enterprises adopt cloud and take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

When rapid cloud adoption is essential to meet an enterprise's business objectives, we help them accelerate the journey by hosting and re-platforming applications and databases to the cloud and adopting the best of cloud PaaS offerings. Our platform-based automation enables factory-model migration to reduce migration efforts and help them realize their goals faster.

Automation led Cloud SecOps

Modernize and rearchitect enterprises’ applications to cloud native services.

When enterprises need to transform their legacy systems, and future proof their technology landscape, we help them reengineer their applications to become truly cloud native, using APIs, microservices, containers, serverless and NoSQL databases. The Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development platform abstracts the underlying technology complexity of this journey, unlocks information from legacy systems, and uses hyper-automation to reduce dependency on niche skills, helping enterprises accelerate their transformation.

Our Offerings

Discover a range of cloud migration and cloud-native development solutions, services, and offerings to drive an enterprise’s digital innovation growth.

Cloud Advisory and Consulting

  • Migration and modernization strategy
  • Migration assessment and planning
  • Cloud cost management

Cloud Migration

  • Application and database rehosting and remediation
  • Application and database re-platforming
  • PaaS service adoption
  • Migration to Managed Kubernetes

Cloud Modernization and Cloud-native Development

  • Re-engineering monolithic applications to cloud-native architecture
  • Containerization and hybrid cloud
  • Adopt Serverless Solutions
  • Modern Database solutions adoption
  • Implement Cloud DevSecOps