Infosys Positioned as a Leader in the HFS Horizons: Cloud Native Transformation, 2022 Report

Infosys has been ranked as a Leader in the HFS Horizons: Cloud Native Transformation, 2022 Report. This is the first-ever HFS report focused on end-to-end cloud native transformation. Infosys was recognized for its data-centric approach and proven track record in delivering end-to-end transformation for its clients.

For this report, HFS evaluated and compared the capabilities of 20 service providers based on their value proposition, innovation capabilities, go-to-market strategies, and market impact. The report categorizes the service providers into three horizons based on their capabilities, with leaders in Horizon 3 characterized by their ability to blend a compelling vision of Cloud Native Transformation (CNT) with deep technology transformation. Leaders who are placed in Horizon 3 successfully demonstrate how business objectives get translated into a cloud target operating model that allows clients to capture value.

The report highlighted Infosys’ strengths in the following areas:

  • Infosys Cobalt capabilities: Infosys Cobalt provides access to over 35,000 cloud assets and 300 industry-specific cloud solution blueprints that are accelerated with core teams of domain and technology experts.
  • Go-to-market effectiveness: Infosys has secured major transformation deals in the market due to its proven track record of effective cloud go-to-market strategies.
  • Data-centric approach to transformation: Infosys’ consulting and advisory services focus on identifying end-to-end outcomes.
  • Broad and differentiating set of industry clouds: Infosys’ broad set of industry clouds act as a key differentiator.
  • Emphasis on training: Infosys places a strong emphasis on training its employees and offers Wingspan, an open-source learning solution, to its clients to scale their talent.
  • Client testimonials: Clients have praised Infosys for being focused on outcomes.

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