Telenet is a Belgian Telecommunication and Entertainment services provider offering digital television, high-speed internet and fixed and mobile telephony services in Flanders and Brussels. BASE, a Telenet brand, provides mobile telephony in Belgium.

Diverse legacy IT systems were requiring innovation, in order to increase agility and boost customer experience at Telenet. Together with Infosys, Telenet started an application modernization journey with focus on cloud migration, helping Telenet’s modernization & rationalization (MoRa) team to simplify the technology stack and SDLC processes across the IT landscape, boosting Telenet’s digital experience for its customers.

Modernizing applications on hybrid cloud

  • Assessed applications across the CSS, OSS, and BSS landscape
  • Contributed to the modernization blueprint and migration of modernized apps to the hybrid cloud
  • Embracing agile methodology and implementation of open-source technologies

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Reduced technical debt by migrating to the cloud

Telenet & Infosys jointly envisages modernizing and migrating more than 300+ applications to the cloud, resulting in:

Savings on infrastructure, IT, and licensing costs

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) for applications and automated deployments

Reducing release timelines for new products through automated testing and deployment


The Solution

Cloud-first approach to application modernization

  • Dedicated cloud modernization office involving stakeholders for governance and decision-making
  • Infosys Cloud Application Modernization Platform, part of Infosys Cobalt, provided a holistic view of scope of work, with guidance on priority and modernization techniques
  • Assessment of Telenet's existing applications based on the 6Rs framework of cloud migration: rehost, replatform, repurchase, refactor, retain, and retire. Modernized and containerized applications deployed on private(OpenShift Container Platform) / public(AWS) cloud platforms
  • Undertook Oracle-to-PostgreSQL migration using Infosys Database Migration Platform, part of Infosys Cobalt
  • Leveraged existing CI/CD pipelines in GitLab to facilitate containerization and deployment of applications to Open Shift Platform
  • Automation of testing frameworks using Cucumber BDD for applications undergoing modernization
  • Tailored modernization model with focus on autonomous and self-sustaining squads for application modernization at scale
  • Enabling DevOps mindset and accommodating the site reliability engineering (SRE) of the applications