Infosys Zero Disruption Modernization

Reimagine Legacy. Succeed with Cloud.

Enterprise legacy landscapes often pose challenges such as inflexible and complex applications, longer time-to-market, high cost of operations, lack of system knowledge, and assets that are nearing end of support. These challenges inhibit the business resilience needed to respond swiftly to changing market conditions.

While executing modernization, organizations need to deal with issues such as resistance to change, fear of business disruption, uncertainty about the end state, managing old and new systems together, time and cost of transformation, and the steep learning curve of new technology that may make modernization difficult to adopt.

However, the modernization of legacy applications is no longer an option. It is an imperative for every enterprise to survive and thrive.

Our AI-first modernization approach powered by Infosys Topaz helps enterprises modernize their legacy systems faster, become efficient, enhance customer experiences, and achieve sustained growth.

Infosys Zero Disruption Modernization smoothens execution by driving these changes using micro-change interventions. Below figure represents the micro-approach that spans across seven layers to carefully execute a modernization roadmap and framework.

Seven layers of zero disruption modernization

Infosys Zero Disruption Modernization

Micro-changes help effect larger change during the transformation without any disruption and allow organizations to conduct their day-to-day operations smoothly with business as usual.

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform, part of Infosys Cobalt - simplifies and accelerates the application modernization and development journey and offers a range of features across five key modernization patterns – cloud-native development, cloud modernization, database modernization, legacy modernization, and DevSecOps adoption. Coupled with our extensive partner ecosystem, techno-commercial solutions, and a large pool of modernization SMEs, we assure seamless and successful modernization programs.

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