Application Modernization on AWS with Infosys Accelerators for Serverless

While cloud adoption has become the new normal across industries enabling enterprises to focus on their core business rather than maintaining IT infrastructure, if not planned correctly, cloud infrastructure can lead to inefficient usage and increased cost, in addition to the effort to provision and manage resources.

With serverless and cloud managed service provisioning, customers only pay for the resources used, without having to worry about idle capacity or managing infrastructure, thus reducing the time, cost, and complexity associated with creating, scaling, and managing the infrastructure. As a result, developers can deploy applications faster, improving the time to market for new products and features.

In this post published on the APN blog, experts from AWS and Infosys discuss how serverless architecture on AWS can help enterprises modernize their application landscape, along with common use cases and some reference architectures.

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  • Nirmal Singh Tomar, Principal Consultant, Modernization Practice – Infosys
  • Mandar Shete, Sr. Principal, Modernization Practice – Infosys
  • Abhijit Vaidya, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect – AWS