Accelerate Application Modernization with Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture is an evolutionary approach to realize the full potential of the cloud that has matured from function-as-a-service to encompass the whole application stack, including computing, integration, and storage, without compromising security, reliability, or performance. Serverless architecture lets you pay only for the resources used, deploy your applications faster, run them on servers without owning or managing them, accelerate time-to-market for new products and features, and significantly reduce the infrastructure-specific cost and complexities.

In this Brandpost article published in, experts from Infosys and AWS discuss how enterprises are benefiting by leveraging serverless architecture for a wide range of patterns such as real-time stream processing, microservices and web applications, batch jobs , data pipelines, and event-driven media processing. Read on to learn how a global engine manufacturer who wanted to improve engine maintenance intervals and reduce equipment downtime using IoT generated data, leveraged an AWS serverless architecture-based scalable platform developed by Infosys.

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Authors –

  • Naresh Duddu, AVP and Head, Cloud & Open Source, Modernization Practice, Infosys
  • Ashutosh Pateriya, Partner Solutions Architect, EMEA, AWS