Banking Digital Transformation: Growth & Enhanced Customer Experience

Thanks to the cloud, “digital transformation” today is no longer limited to the size of company. Big businesses are not the only ones investing in this transformation and reaping the benefits. This is no different in Financial Services. Regional, and medium-sized banks have emerged as formidable challengers by accelerating their digital transformation journey on cloud platforms

Without the burden of having vast legacy landscapes, smaller players can transform quicker, tackle nimble fintech firms, and deliver better value to customers. Advances like the Infosys Cobalt cloud help democratize the value that “digital” can bring to every kind of business.

Read this exclusive article on Forbes where Michael Ruttledge, CIO and Head of Technology Services at Citizens Bank, along with Jim Ryan, CEO of Old National Bank and Dennis Gada, SVP and Head for Financial Services, North America, Infosys share their perspectives on how cloud is helping banks of all size transform their business at pace.