Riverside County California Digitizes Public Records Validation with AWS Blockchain Technology

As part of the State of California’s larger technology vision inspired from customer-focused digital transformation, Riverside County wanted to deliver citizen-centric services through secure, effective, and innovative technology solutions.

However, they faced several challenges including a rapidly changing digital technology landscape, privacy rules, threats of data theft and misuse, and managing and establishing the trustworthiness of resident records.

Infosys deployed the County’s pilot solution using blockchain technology from AWS to enable any individual or organization to remotely validate the authenticity of a digital credential issued by the Riverside County Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder. The current process used in-person or mail authentication only.

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  • Srikanth Challa, Director, Global Sales, Blockchain – Infosys
  • Vikrama Adethyaa, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect – AWS